The “Lilya Bree” cattery was founded in 2020 in Moscow for the professional breeding of British shorthair and British longhair cats of rare golden colors.

the Cattery

Hello! My name is Lilya, and I am glad to greet you on my cattery website.
Lilya Bree
The founder of the “Lilya Bree” cattery
Here you find detailed information about the cattery and our cats, purchase a kitten, educational materials and souvenirs. I hope that we will become good friends, and maybe we will be connected through our precious pets.
Bree appeared in my life in 2013 and pleased me until she tragically died in August 2020 while I was absent. RIP, my baby.

Bree had the color NY25. Now this color is considered obsolete. Many years ago, the golden Britons were a curiosity. I fell in love with the green eyes of my Bree and the tightly stuffed fur coat from the photo at first sight.

The name of the beloved first cat formed the basis of the name of the cattery "Lilya Bree". And although Bree crossed the rainbow, she still lives in her children and grandchildren.

My cattery is named after the first cat Bree Van De Kamp

The history
Archive photo, 2013г.
Germany, France, Austria, Australia, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Netherlands, South Korea, Malaysia, Ukraine, Crimea, Russian cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg and Krasnodar.

Today, “Lilya Bree” Cattery employs more than 50 graduates in 9 countries.

Сегодня питомник
«Lilya Bree» насчитывает более 50 выпускников
в 9 странах:
The cattery "Lilya Bree" specializes in breeding British cats of rare golden colors ny12 and cy12. The uninitiated often call all golden Britons "Chinchillas". But in fact, only cats of color with the encoding 12 can be called "golden chinchillas": ny12, cy12, by12, ay12.

In our kennel there are both short-haired British cats and long-haired ones. I am also starting to work with the rare color "golden bicolor".

You can learn more about the genetics of cats in the section Blog and Educational materials.

Cats live next to us, in the family. Therefore, they are socialized,

sociable, with impeccable manners. I consider the cellular content unacceptable, so I am very carefully considering candidates who would like
to purchase kittens in our kennel. For us each kitten is like our own child, brought up and loved by us in boundless love.
We hand over our children only to those people who can be trusted. It is very important that future owners do not have allergies to cats.

All new owners of kittens become members of a large family "Lilya Bree" and have the right to count on my help and support at any time.

"Lilya Bree" is a monopred kennel of domestic cats.

About the cattery
Before I got the cattery registration, I passed
felinology courses and became a certified felinologist.
Felinology is a branch of zoology that studies the anatomy and physiology of domestic cats, as well as their breeds, features of their breeding, breeding and maintenance.
The Documents

The kennel is certified by WCF (World Cat Federation)

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