Hello! My name is

I am a breeder of golden British cats, a felinologist and the founder of the Lilya Bree cattery.
I graduated from felinological courses; I have a Diploma in Felinology. I do the most beautiful colors of gold: ny 12 (black gold veiled) and cy 12 (purple gold veiled). Also in my cattery, there are longhaired British cats. In plans - to be engaged in the color "golden bicolor".
I have been breeding the British golden cats since 2013.
such us NTV, TNT, 360, Channel Five, Moscow 24, Friday, Shop and show, Channel One. I was an executive producer, talk show editor-in-chief, documentary filmmaker.
For more than 15 years I had worked on federal television channels in Russia
as part of the Big City Stories project for the TNT channel. Many movies can be found on YouTube. As well as several reality shows for the Friday channel.
In the period 2009 - 2014,
I shot more than 13 movies
In the photo on the right, I milk sturgeon (I get black caviar) for the pilot episode of the Edible Detective project.
I am often asked what is the most difficult job when working on TV?
I absolutely believe that there is nothing more difficult than working on a talk show. The most demanded specialists in the television labor market are talk show editors.

This format is always on the brink of disaster. It requires maximum involvement, tension, so not all employees can withstand this pace. Many "burn out at work."

Talk show people say that a year feels like 2 years. After extreme work on the famous talk show “Let them talk”, I finally realized it’s enough for me.
Now I pass all my experience to my students. And, of course, I continue to do what I love: my cattery "Lilya Bree" and my cats.
Since 2021 I have been teaching journalism at Moscow University of finance and law